La seule firme au Canada qui se consacre au recrutement de professionnels juridiques chevronnés dans des postes de conseillers juridiques à l'interne, des postes quasi-juridiques et des postes de cadre

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Titre d'emploi: Law Firm Partner (Corporate, Real Estate, Labour & Employment, Tax, IP) ( ID: O3942 )
Catégorie: Propriété intellectuelle , Immobilier , Fiscalité , Infrastructure , Droit du travail, Corporatif, Juridique, Droit deu travail, Cabinet d'avocats
Date d'affichage: 2019-02-04
Lieu: Montreal, Quebec & Toronto, Ontario
If you are a Law Firm Partner contemplating a transition to another Law Firm and would like to have a professional and confidential discussion re: your practice and potential career opportunities then contact us. We have extensive legal recruitment expertise, with a strong network in the legal community, a deep understanding of the legal landscape and we can assist you with our professional guidance during this integral stage of your career.

Some Firms are seeking Partners in various fields such as: Corporate/Commercial, Real Estate, Labour & Employment, Tax, IP or Infrastructure.


• A Law Firm Partner in good standing with the Quebec Bar or the Law Society of Ontario;
• Strong technical expertise in your field of practice;
• Strategic vision and strong business acumen;
• Strong interpersonal skills;
• Excellent time management, people management and project management skills; and
• Are passionate and driven to achieve your goals.

If this describes you and you are contemplating a transition to another law firm, then please contact us for a confidential and informed discussion.

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