3 Proven Ways to Speed up the Hiring Process

Law firms and other companies that hire for legal positions are finding themselves in a position that they may not have been in before. Instead of top candidates vying for a position in their firms, they find they are having to compete more with other firms to get those candidates. There is a surplus of excellent positions in the legal field and a shortage of talent to fill those positions.

It is truly a job seekers’ market, and if you are an employer looking to hire talented candidates, you may have to change some of your hiring processes in order to gain an edge over your competition. Here are a few things that you can do to help speed up the hiring process for both you and the candidate:

1. Streamline the Process and Be Ready to Act.

Traditionally, many law firms and other companies have had lengthy hiring processes with multiple interviews with various levels of management. In the past, this has worked because there were more interested candidates than positions.

Today – with the opposite being true – firms have to be more nimble and able to act quickly. Otherwise, your candidate of choice could be snapped up by your competition, or you may end up getting into a bidding war over a candidate.

Employers should start by having a clear idea of what they are looking for and showing interest in the candidates that meet their list of must-haves. They should also make interviews convenient for candidates by making them virtual or offering them during the evening.

By lining up the key decision makers in the first or second interview, employers can move the process along. If you like the candidate, be transparent and let them know that an offer will be pending, or better yet, have an offer drafted and present it at the final interview!

2. Have an Attractive Hiring Package.

In today’s competition for talent, you will also need to have a competitive hiring package. If you can afford to pay a little more on salaries, then be prepared to do so. Many firms will also offer a sign-on bonus as doing so will show the candidate that you value them and may help them to make their decision more quickly.

Keep in mind too, that salary isn’t the only factor that candidates will be basing their decisions on. Be sure to share with candidates of interest the perks and benefits that you are willing to offer. Most firms, for example, offer four weeks of vacation to start. If your firm isn’t there yet, that is something you should consider.

3. Offer Flexibility.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many legal professionals became accustomed to flexible and remote work options. Most of our candidates are currently asking for the flexibility of working remotely at least a couple of days a week.

Firms that insist on having employees come into the office every day will be less competitive in today’s job market. Being prepared to offer a more flexible work arrangement may help you to land the candidate of your choice. Doing so also gives you the added advantage of not having to limit your recruitment to one geographic area.

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