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Confidentiality is a core value. All of our communications are completely confidential; we do not share any of our candidate information without express consent.

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We offer a wide range of opportunities: For all levels of experience.

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We are different

Our roots derive from searching for alternative careers for lawyers. We have developed a comprehensive and holistic screening approach, which has made us experts in recognizing exceptional talent that may have been otherwise overlooked. This has been key in successfully identifying the right cultural fit.

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Impeccable reputation

We have 24+ years building an impeccable reputation. Our clients return regularly because they know that we deliver exceptional candidates. We care about your career development and finding you the right fit. A testament to this, is that over the years many candidates have returned as our clients.

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Where are you in your Life After Law Evolution?

Whether you are looking for an in-house, private practice, or non-traditional / executive / quasi-legal role we are well connected and well positioned to assist you with your evolution.

We will contact you when your profile matches any of our regularly updated mandates, or if you are looking to move to another firm, we can ensure your profile will get strategically presented to the right firms, to maximize fit. We have Canada’s top companies and law firms as our clients. We assist them in building their teams, by helping you find your dream career.


What else can
you do with
a Law Degree?

You have a law degree, you already invested a lot of time and energy, and have now decided that you don’t necessarily want to stay in private practice anymore…

Wondering about your options? At Life After Law you will gain exposure to a vast array of jobs and careers in many industries. We offer a wide range of non-traditional/executive, as well as quasi-legal career alternatives for lawyers. You will have access to jobs at organizations that appreciate the inherent value of hiring someone with a legal background.

We also assist transitioning lawyers with recognizing and focusing on their transferable skills and adapting their job search approach. Life After Law is unique in Canada in offering specialized Career Consulting to the legal community, provided exclusively by former practising lawyers with personal experience in the career transition process. We guide lawyers as we assess and evaluate your career goals, and help to develop a strategy to integrate those goals to achieve career satisfaction.


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