A Star in The Storm: Finding the Ideal Candidate in a Less than Ideal Marketplace

The current marketplace has recently experienced a number of economic and cultural shock waves that have resulted in organizations having to reassess their hiring practices and needs.

As a result, Life After Law has received an increased number of requests for our expertise to address these issues. We are seeing increasingly that our clients are having difficulty attracting quality candidates with their required characteristics and skills sets through own regular channels.

Based on our research, one of the main reasons for this is that interested candidates have an additional level of fear associated with changing jobs in an uncertain marketplace. While they are reluctant to apply directly to companies, the involvement of Life After Law professionals provides these candidates with a high level of discretion and confidentiality and underscores the level of commitment by the hiring company.

Other exceptional candidates who are facing unemployment due to COVID-19 related downsizing are ill-equipped for job searching on their own and lack the appropriate tools to receive effective consideration in the process. As experts in the industry, we are able to identify these candidates who have proven loyal and capable, and assess and present them in a more tailored manner. This level of insight and support is typically not evident, or possible, through regular recruitment processes or channels.

If you have found your organization in flux and are looking for your Star in this Storm, Life After Law can provide you with the necessary resources during this time, and always.