How We Help Law Firms and Organizations with Their Challenging Hires

Finding the right legal talent for your firm or organization can be daunting. The talent competition is extremely fierce, and young legal professionals know that they’ve got options for choosing the next step in their career path.

Many organizations and firms currently have postings sitting empty for months simply because those postings are not reaching – or not appealing to – the right slate of candidates.

If you have a challenging hire right now, Life After Law can help you find the right candidates with the right legal experience to fill the position. Our approach has been so successful that we have found exciting candidates and new hires for clients that couldn’t fill their positions on their own or through other recruiters.

We partner with our clients

We are experts in reaching hard-to-find candidates.

It all starts with a consultation with you to see what you are looking for in a hire. Perhaps you’re thinking about hiring in-house counsel for the first time or need help building your legal team. We can walk you through the process, discuss the pros and cons, and help you develop your hiring plan.

We become your strategic partner and work with you to determine your exact needs and then be your best advocate when conveying the benefits of working for your company to potential candidates. And if you have been having a challenge filling a particular position, we will discuss the matter with you to find out why this is the case so that we can best position ourselves to sell the job posting to potential candidates. This may include advising our clients on what candidates are looking for in a position – such as flexibility or hybrid work – and then incorporating these enticing benefits into our recruitment plan.

And when a client finds a candidate they like, we encourage them to act fast. In today’s job market, great candidates don’t stay available for long – so we urge our clients not to delay.

Our pool of candidates

We are constantly recruiting top legal talent into our pool of candidates. As a search agency that has gained a reputation for helping legal professionals find their dream jobs, our database of applicants is constantly growing.

And not only do we have an excellent pool of candidates, and an extensive network, but our recruiters are also always making new contacts and building relationships with lawyers across the country. Building these relationships is another key ingredient in our success, as even those who may not be interested in a position themselves are usually willing to talk to us about a position and then spread the word through their own networks.

All of these factors put us in an excellent position to find the right new hires for your organization.

Our perseverance and resourcefulness

In today’s tough labour market, it can take a bit of ingenuity and perseverance to find the right candidates. When we first contact a candidate, they may initially say that they are not looking for a career change or that the opportunity is not the right fit. However, one of our practices is to see if we can continue the dialogue with them – either to find out if they know others who might be the right fit or to see if we can show them that the opportunity may be a better fit than they initially thought.

And you know what? We find our clients some of the best hires using this technique!

We get our clients to think outside the box on who they hire and present candidates to them whom they might not otherwise have considered. By getting to know the needs of our clients really well, we can encourage them to be open-minded with candidates who might be a really great fit for their company – even if they are not the candidates that our clients originally envisioned.

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Finding candidates for difficult hires is something that we do well and it’s something that sets us apart from the competition. If you need legal talent for a challenging hire, give us a call today to get started.