Interview Pet Peeves & Tips

"When I'm interviewing a candidate, and they won't stop talking or interrupt me, and basically try to take over the meeting".

- Randi Bean, President


Please listen and take your cues! There is key information that I need to elicit from you in a pretty short amount of time. I know you have a lot to say, and you will get the opportunity, but I also need to know that you can listen, and provide thoughtful replies. I am also interested in not just what you say, but how you come across.

"It's always discouraging when an interviewee leads with salary and perks. It comes across as though it is all about the bottom line. It is of course important to know what they salary range is and whether it is financially feasibly for one to make a move and in fact incentivizing however, it should not take the lead."

- Michaela Krell, National Director


When you interview, be invested and engaged and let salary come up in the natural course of the conversation. It may not even come up in the first interview so be patient. And remember there is always a place for negotiation when the time is right.

"I am always surprised when candidates do not prepare for the interview and cannot easily answer commonly asked interview questions".

- Pearl Prokosh, National Manager


Candidates should do their homework! They need to thoroughly prepare for these meetings, not to the point of sounding overly rehearsed, however, they need to be comfortable and ready to tackle interview questions with clear, concise and pertinent answers.