Resume Pet Peeves & Tips

Top Pet Peeves When Writing a Legal Resume

"When I have to dig around for information about a candidate's education or Bar year on a resume".

- Randi Bean, President


Make sure your education is clearly indicated along with Bar year. If you are a junior lawyer, you may want that to be near the top of your resume. If you have more substantial work experience, it is fine to put your education and Bar year on the second page.

"When there are spelling mistakes!"

- Michaela Krell, National Director


I’m always surprised to see spelling mistakes. I know there is autocorrect so sometimes it’s inadvertent, but they stand out, making for an unprofessional impression. A candidate should always have a second pair of eyes glance over it as they can easily be picked up by fresh eyes.

"When the resume does not list specific tasks performed in their former roles".

- Pearl Prokosh, National Manager


I find it unhelpful when a candidate simple lists various company names and positions they’ve held without providing bullet points underneath. It is better understood when they can provide sub points, i.e: the work done, tasks performed, responsibilities they had, experience acquired, etc.