The Best Hiring Strategies for Law Firms and Organizations in Q4

Many law firms and organizations are already starting to look at their hiring needs for the year ahead. Some need to replace staff that have retired or left for another position. Some see their business growing and need to increase the number of staff that they have within the organization. And some need to hire for both reasons. But if your firm is considering hiring for Q4, there are some unique factors to take into consideration.


The last quarter of the year can be a challenging time to attract new candidates because most law firms tend to pay out their bonuses in January. When a candidate has been working hard for their firm all year, they won’t easily want to make a transition to a new firm before they get their January bonus.

So, if you are going to attract those top candidates in Q4, you should strongly consider what such a candidate is likely to get as a January bonus and factor that into your offer.

Salary bumps and pay increases 

Another factor to consider is that many firms and organizations adjust their pay scheme in the New Year through salary bumps and pay increases. If you are hiring a candidate in Q4, they may be due for a pay increase within just a few months of being hired.

If a Q1 increase is your firm’s practice, you will have to make sure that you budget accordingly and that your offer to the candidate hired in Q4 is reasonable enough that your firm can afford their pay increase come January

Mistakes to avoid when hiring in Q4 

If you are looking to recruit new candidates during Q4, there are a few pitfalls to avoid. Two of them we already touched on which are not factoring in anticipated bonuses and perks that the candidate is expecting for the New Year and not budgeting for a new candidate’s salary increase in January.

Another pitfall to avoid is bringing the new candidate in during the holidays. If your firm is like most, you know that many of your staff will take their vacation during the holidays to spend time with family. Bringing a new candidate in when there are not sufficient workers on hand to help with the onboarding process doesn’t make for the best experience. It is usually far better to bring in the new candidate before the holidays when enough staff are available to help make their transition smooth.

Is it really a good idea to start recruiting in Q4? 

Yes! Even though there are some extra factors to consider, it is essential to remember that recruitment and finding the right candidate takes time. Many firms will wait to start their recruitment process in January, so starting now can put you ahead of the curve.

Furthermore, candidates who are looking are likely to put their job search on hold once the holidays begin, so it’s important to get that pipeline of candidates started now.

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