Tips for Finding a Legal Position Before the End of 2022

Whether you are just starting your legal career or ready to take the next step and move into a new position, job searching at the end of the year can seem like a challenging prospect. With the holidays just around the corner, you may be wondering whether it is even worth it to start looking for a job now or whether it is better to wait until the New Year. Here is what you need to know if you are looking for a legal position in Q4.

Don’t wait!

Although firms will likely slow down their hiring process in mid-December as many members of their teams will be taking holidays, November is the perfect time to apply.

While waiting until January to commence your job search might be tempting, this is a bad idea. Many firms are making their hiring plans for 2023 now, and very busy firms might not wait for a full roster of candidates to make an offer if they find someone who is an excellent fit. Instead, they may make a rapid offer – so don’t wait to apply, or the position may be taken before you get the chance.

Position yourself for success

If you haven’t already done so, ensure that your resume and LinkedIn profile are up to date and that they highlight your relevant and essential skills and your experience for the role you are seeking.

Since the hiring pace really picks up toward the end of the year, you should also make sure that you are flexible and able to go to interviews (both virtual and in-person) in a timely manner and that you respond to calls and emails from potential employers quickly.

You should also make a list of target firms and positions you are interested in and get in touch with an experienced legal recruiter who can advise you during your job search process and help you develop the strategy you need to land your ideal position. Your legal recruiter should also know how to match your qualifications with appropriate positions.

Be proactive in your job search, and follow up where appropriate and necessary.

What to expect during a Q4 job search

It may seem counterintuitive, but many new opportunities in the legal field arise at this time of year as firms plan their hiring needs. There may be delays and pauses, particularly during the holiday season and as companies wrap up their year-end, but this should not deter candidates from applying. In fact, applying during this time – and being available for an interview if necessary – may even help you to stand out ahead of other candidates.

You should also take some time to consider what kind of compensation you are seeking in a new position, as a move at this time of year may cause you to miss out on a year-end bonus. Furthermore, due to the busyness of this time of year, you should be ready to move quickly, as the time between an interview and a job offer may be much shorter. Be ready to meet quickly and have those references ready!

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