What to Consider For Your 2023 Hiring Strategy?

Faced with continuing labour shortages, fierce competition, and a world that – while starting to return to normal – is still very different from the one before the pandemic, many employers are thinking about what tactics they will need to consider for their 2023 hiring strategy. Here are a few things to consider as you make your plans for the coming year.

Flexibility is still important. 

While some employers are pushing for a stronger return to the office, many lawyers and legal professionals looking for work are resistant to this. As a result, they may not be willing to return to the office full-time. Because of this, we will likely see a considerable amount of hybrid and fully remote arrangements this year.

Some roles may be hybrid, with limited days in the office, while others will remain fully remote.

For those employers who are insistent on full-time return to the office, it remains to be seen whether this position will pay off.

Fractional professionals may help fill the gaps. 

With the competition for talent as fierce as it is, some firms may benefit from alternative employment arrangements, such as hiring fractional professionals for specific roles. Traditionally, the legal industry could be faster to adapt and change. However, for those firms willing to think outside the box, such arrangements could make much financial sense.

Flexible work arrangements could also help to fill temporary needs – such as when there are huge workloads. More permanent arrangements, however, may be necessary for longer-term and complex files and transactional needs where it is necessary to have full-time dedicated lawyers who know the business intimately.

Consider budgetary restrictions.

Another challenge for employers in 2023 is that many firms and companies are experiencing or anticipating budget cuts. This could mean that salary increases and bonuses will have to be lower than usual – or even paused altogether.

It’s essential, though, that employers still find ways to offer financial incentives. For example, bonuses can still be provided and tied to specific levels of personal and company success and productivity to allow retention. For example, an associate’s compensation can be connected to the amount of work they bill and collect.

Additionally, by hiring In House Counsel, companies can experience considerable cost savings from external legal expenditures.

Hiring a diverse workforce.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) will be a central theme and critically important factor for employers in 2023. Employers should ensure that their recruitment practices and company policies reflect this.

It is crucial to make it known that your firm or company welcomes all qualified applicants regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, sexual identity, and other factors. Your company’s commitment to DEI must be more than just lip service. Potential candidates will be researching your organization and who works there to determine if your organization truly supports a diverse workforce.

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