Yes, You Can Find a Great Job Placement in December!

With the holiday season in full swing, you may feel like it is time to put the job search on pause. After all, companies are reaching their year-end, and perhaps hiring is not the first thing on their mind anyway. But if you are looking to make a bold career move, then December can actually be a great time to ramp up – not slow down – your job search.

There are several reasons why this December may be one of the best times of year to set yourself up for a great new job placement.

It’s a job seeker’s market.

If you have even been halfway paying attention to the headlines recently, you’ve probably at least seen or heard the term “great resignation.” The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many workers to re-evaluate what they want in their lives, and many are leaving their jobs in favour of other employers or self-employment where they can have more flexibility. Additionally, many other workers are opting for early retirement to spend more time with family and to focus on the hobbies that they love.

This has left many employers struggling to fill labour shortages which means it’s an excellent time to be looking for work.

Companies want to have a full team in place for January

Even though there may be fewer companies posting jobs online during this time of year, there are still many workers who are leaving or changing their jobs and companies will want to replace those workers in the New Year.

Now is the time of year when many companies are setting their budgets and targets for the year ahead, but this often assumes that they have their full team in place. Since employees are moving all the time, there will likely be positions that will need to be filled for January. Those companies are often even willing to hire right away in December so they can onboard new employees and have them hit the ground running in January.

You’ve got less competition

Because many job seekers will slow down – if not completely pause – their search during the holiday season, it will be easier for those who are persistent to stand out and catch a potential employer’s attention.

Once January rolls around, many job seekers will come back into the market – so December gives you a short window for your competitive advantage!

A job search in December can set you up for a new career in January

Even if you don’t land your dream job this month, searching in December will give you plenty of time to brush up your resume, practice writing cover letters, and prepare for potential interview questions.

When employers start posting more jobs in January, you’ll be ahead of the curve because you’ll be ready to apply right away. And this is important since being among the first to apply can demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job.

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