How to Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Up to Date

LinkedIn has grown to be the must-have social media platform for anyone looking to advance their career. With more than 722 million users, LinkedIn can prove a valuable tool for lawyers looking to attract new clients, make new professional connections, and become thought leaders in their field.

Young lawyers are increasingly saying no to big law firms

As a law and MBA student at McGill University in 2018, Aly Haji watched several friends graduate and pursue their dream of landing jobs at prominent law firms— only to see them quit within a year or two.

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The Importance of Understanding Company Culture In Recruitment

Company Culture is important because it speaks to how the people who are part of the Company feel about themselves, the work they do and the Company itself.

A Star in The Storm: Finding the Ideal Candidate in a Less than Ideal Marketplace

The current marketplace has recently experienced a number of economic and cultural shock waves that have resulted in organizations having to reassess their hiring practices and needs.

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